The music industry is set for a marketing revolution as APIs go mainstream

From The Next Web:

“This year feels like APIs are becoming a mainstream thing for the [music] industry.”

These were the opening lines from Stuart Dredge at the ‘Music apps – beyond the hype‘ evening in London last night. Dredge is the editor-in-chief of business intelligence service The Appside and Music Ally, the hosts of the event.

While the seminar – the first in a series throughout 2012 – aimed to take a look at all sides of producing and monetising apps in the music industry, Stuart’s point quickly became the most significant one of the debate. Spotify’s Director of Platform Sten Garmark presented a handful of new numbers since the company launched Spotify Apps in late November, its integrated app platform that allows 3rd party developers to build HTML apps through an easy to use Javascript API.

Since its launch, users have spent an overall time count of 1,500 years playing with Spotify Apps. Soundrop, a social app letting users share and discuss music with friends in virtual rooms created by genre or theme, played 15 million songs in February alone – the equivalent of Spotify’s entire catalogue. Moodagent, which follows the Songza concept of creating intuitive playlist by moods, counts 3.5 million playlists created every week. Oh, and the ‘happy’ mood on Moodagent is twice as popular as the ‘angry’ mood. So they’re a happy bunch, too.

“We’ve got the world’s music, 10 million active users, 3 million paying subscribers in twelve territories and channels to reach users to promote these apps right inside our experience,” Sten said praising Spotify Apps. Why wouldn’t developers want to use their skills to create beautiful experiences in Spotify?

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