Unmarked: Ordinary Scenes With Unsettling Stories

From NPR:

These seem like perfectly quiet — beautiful, even — landscapes. But read the titles and you might start to second guess how beautiful they are. The images are scenes where disposed bodies were discovered. The titles are the victims’ names. That’s the unsettling experience Stephen Chalmers is trying to evoke because that’s the experience he had.

The series Unmarked started with an innocent hiking date near Seattle:

“We had this fantastic time; it was early in our relationship and everything was super happy,” Chalmers says. But later, a friend pointed out that the hike had been right where serial killer Ted Bundy disposed of his victims.

“And just that little kernel of information really changed how I felt about what was otherwise a really fantastic early date,” he says. “I was struck by how my experience of this place was so changed by knowing the history of the location.”

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