On this day in 1958, Cannonball Adderley records Something Else

On this day in 1958, Alto saxophonist Cannonball Adderley records Something Else, with trumpeter Miles Davis, pianist Hank Jones and drummer Art Blakey. Regarded as a landmark album in the hard bop and cool styles with many critics and jazz fans consider Somethin’ Else to be among the greatest jazz albums of all time.

The extent of Davis’s leadership or co-leadership on Somethin’ Else is disputed. Davis plays several of the first solos, and, according to the liner notes, chose most of the material – he would continue to play “Autumn Leaves” and “Love for Sale”, at increasingly frenetic tempos, in the years to come. He also composed the bluesy title track and suggested Adderley cover “Dancing in the Dark” (on which Davis does not appear). The one exception is the twelve-bar blues, “One for Daddy-O”, written by Adderley’s brother Nat (for Chicago radio DJ Holmes “Daddy-O” Daylie, not the Adderleys’ father). Nonetheless, at the end of that track, Davis can be heard addressing producer Alfred Lion: “Is that what you wanted, Alfred?” The collaboration between Adderley and Davis would continue in 1959 with Davis’s Kind of Blue, one of the most universally acclaimed jazz albums.