SXSW: Why Nike Is a Tech Company

From Digiday:

South by Southwest is filled with the creme de la creme of Silicon Valley startups, but one of the most interesting innovations is from a company that traces its roots to liquid rubber poured on a waffle iron.

Nike is now a tech company, as evidenced by its huge bet of what it calls “digital sport.” The brand has massive presence at SXSW this year to promote its FuelBand product and wider Nike Fuel concept. The FuelBand itself is essentially a glorified step counter, data from which Nike combines with a proprietary algorithm to calculate a fuel score – a measure of how physically active you’ve been that day.

And along the way Nike Fuel is going to arm the brand with the crude oil of the digital world: data. It will have access to reams of activity data, thanks to Nike Plus and other products. That will allow the brand to do a range of things with the resulting data, especially in the social space. Its Nike Missions app on Facebook, for example, lets users compete against their friends and professional athletes to see who can accumulate the most points over a specified period of time, and, of course, encourages users to telegraph their interactions across their network.

It’s also integrated with Foursquare. Users can sync their accounts on the popular geolocation service with their fuel bands and visit to see at which venues around Austin people are generating the most points.

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