Ethan Iverson of The Bad Plus reacts to people illegally uploading the albums he’s on

From Do The Math:

The last time I was part of a major album release, I called attention to a Phishhook forum where they were sharing Never Stop on Hotfile. After my mildly censorious link they took the whole thread down. Maybe TBP lost some fans that day, I don’t know.

I’m particularly struck by the happy commentators: “Thank you very much for your quality titles…” says berke tr. “…The entire group is world-class. Thanks for your efforts,” says tom. Thanking the uploaders for their hard work in ripping and uploading an advance copy of the disc!

I was grumpy about the file-sharing of Never Stop, but at least TBP is established: I doubt much can really stop us from doing what we do. But the Billy Hart quartet is still trying to get a toehold as an interesting property in the industry.

Admittedly, I’m not disinterested in this! But even if I wasn’t on All Our Reasons, I’d want Billy’s ECM debut to have the best shot it could. Billy, 71 years young, deserves to make a popular record as a leader and have the label and the industry be interested in whatever his next move is, whether I’m involved or not. If no one buys the record because it is uploaded everywhere on the internet, generating interest is going to be that much harder.

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