5 Ways To Market Music With Facebook Interest Lists

From Hypebot:

Among the many recent changes at Facebook was the introduction of Interest Lists. Though this may not be the strongest tool in your marketing arsenal, it does have some potential uses that are worth considering for music marketing on Facebook. In particular, Interest Lists can be used to combine groups of feeds from band members, bands in a particular genre or bands from a particular locale for a combined impact.

Facebook’s Interest Lists are a form of subscription that allow individuals to create what FB is describing as a “personalized newspaper, with special sections – or feeds- for topics that matter to you.” You can find this option in the left hand column of links under Interests. Currently Facebook suggests celebrities of various kinds under Subscriptions but you can subscribe to combined feeds via Add Interests. You can also create a combined feed for others to follow via Create List.

When you create a list, you can do so by combining feeds from Pages, Friends or suggestions from Facebook. Once created, individuals who subscribe can go to the full feed via the Interests link in the left hand column. However, popular posts will also appear in the newsfeed of subscribers with the option to view the full list of new posts as shown here.

5 Ways to Market Your Band Using Interest Lists

1.Obviously Pages and personal accounts are best if you simply want to create a stream of news about you and your work. But if the members of your band all have separate accounts, one option is to create an Interest List that combines each individual account or Page to give fans a group subscription option.
2.If you identify with a particular aesthetic or local scene, you can create an Interest List focused on that aesthetic or scene that includes you. Then you can encourage other members to share the list with their fans.
3.In addition to encouraging your fans to subscribe to lists you’ve created or lists in which you’re included, you can encourage them to create their own lists, such as “My Favorite Bands”, and to be sure to include you. Then you can publicize their lists with an announcement in your feed which they’ll certainly appreciate.

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