Larry David gets trapped in a parking garage. IT’S LIKE RAAA-AAAAI-AAAIINNN

From TMZ:

There’s a reason Larry David plays himself on TV — and he proved it Sunday in L.A. with a hilarious real-life “Curb Your Enthusiasm” moment … getting himself trapped inside a parking garage … and TMZ has obtained the footage.

The clip was shot inside a mall parking garage in Santa Monica — Larry couldn’t figure out how to make the parking gate thing open up … so he hopped out of his Prius for help.

Thankfully, the girl in the car behind Larry showed him how to insert his parking ticket — and the 64-year-old actor was home free.

You GOTTA check out the clip — while playing the below song in the background — it’s pret-ty pret-ty pret-ty good …