MTV on Social Media – Transforming From ‘Music Television’ to ‘Entertainment Anywhere’

From SocialMediaToday:

MTV, the youth brand that ushered in the demise of Radio (or at least its monopoly on music distribution) when it broadcasted Video Killed The Radio Star in 1981, is now perhaps turning on the very medium it so proudly named itself after. MTV’s product, once ‘Music Television’, has transformed to meet the twenty-first century customer demand for ‘Entertainment Anywhere’.

Even though Season 5 of “Jersey Shore” – the reality show credited with reviving MTV’s edge – regularly enjoys high ratings, MTV knows that spray-tanned guidos won’t keep them in the spotlight forever. So with 32 million+ Facebook Fans, MTV is clearly taking the migration of its core demo – from passive TV viewing to active online interaction – very seriously.

MTV uses its Facebook presence as a kind of online promo aggregator – a buffet with bite-sized appetizers delivered from all over MTV’s extensive stable of blogs, niche websites, TV programming and movies. And though they were an early adopter of the new Facebook timeline (if you wanna be a trend setter, be the first to change) the content strategy has remained consistent: show promos, celebs news, movie news and trailers, and lots and lots of Beiber.

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