Madonna Looks to Facebook, Twitter to Sell New Album ‘MDNA’

Madonna and Jimmy Fallon, where they signed the wall at Facebook’s office in New York City

From The Wall Street Journal:

Madonna is trying to update her status.

She’s not particularly techy and hasn’t had much of a social media presence. Yet, to promote MDNA—her new album that was officially released by Interscope Records today—Madonna, 53, has sworn off magazine covers and morning-show concerts. Instead, she is launching her 12th studio album worldwide by shoring up social cred and giving just one in-person interview: to comedian and late-night talk-show host Jimmy Fallon for broadcast solely on her Facebook page. She will follow up the Facebook interview tonight, when she tweets for the first time in a live Twitter chat at 10pm EST.

A social-only promotional effort for a music-industry launch of this size is the first of its kind. “The idea was to do things differently,” says Madonna’s manager, Guy Oseary.

Facebook, which reported last December it has 845 million “active” users worldwide, hopes to become even more of a platform for celebrities and it has created new features that help it compete with the appeal Twitter has for public figures. With Facebook “Subscribe,” for instance, users can read in their newsfeed a celebrity’s publicly posted updates, even if they’re not “friends.” It also allows users to have greater control over whose updates end up in their feed, and in what doses.

“Madonna is launching her new album on Facebook because it allows for effective word-of-mouth on a massive scale,” says Justin Osofsky, Facebook’s director of platform partnerships, a team that works with celebrities, politicians, news organizations and app development companies.

The Madonna Facebook interview took place on Saturday, at the social network’s New York office. In the cafeteria, a no-frills set was in place: two chairs juxtaposed TV-talk-show style, with an Apple computer and docked iPod Touch on side tables as well a flat-screen monitor showing the MDNA cover.

Before the live chat began, the 100-or-so Facebook employees who would make up the audience milled and chatted, drinking wine from plastic cups and beer from bottles. (Overheard: “So can we post about this yet, or no?” and “It’s usually Menlo Park that gets the cool stuff.”)

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