5 Ways Your Manager Can Screw Up Your Career‏

From Hypebot:

1) They update your social networks as if they’re you
Your fans are not dumb, they know your music probably better than you do, and they can also tell when it is you tweeting or if someone else is doing it. It is fine for others to post general information, gig dates, TV appearances etc. But unless it is your own words, don’t let it get embellish it with badly worded faked enthusiasm, written in an attempt to be “down with the kids”.

2) Studies everything the band puts out through a microscope
The new music business is about being in the moment. Being too careful about what goes out and worrying if something truly represents the way the bands image should be portrayed, invariably ends up missing the core essence it was striving for in the first place. The best way to ensure the purest message and connective message gets out, is to encourage the band to be spontaneous and speak their minds. Sure a little guidance doesn’t go amiss, but if a manager finds the need to censor their artists through worry that they should say the wrong thing, shouldn’t be managing that band. Decisions made by a committee are decidedly old school in a bad way. A truly great artist will know how to connect with their audience, through their music and through what they say. Alternatively they will know when to shut up and let the music do the talking.

3) Insists on adding a “Call to Action” to everything
A call to action should never go further than making great content. Sure the ability to share what you have made should be easily visible via a tweet button or embed code. But people today are savvy when it comes to putting content on their own page, and they do it when they love the music or video you have created. “Call to Action” is a term for those who are out of touch with how people use social networks and interact with their peers. A call to action cheapens you and your band and adds an air of desperation. When you make content that is good enough to go viral, an amazing thing happens, other people do your promotion for you without being told to do so.

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