The Black Keys may hate on Spotify, but they’re the second most pirated artist at Coachella

From Death and Taxes Magazine:

Are The Black Keys right to hate on Spotify?

The band has been notoriously testy about streaming services like Spotify that offer scant revenues to most artists, and created a stir when they announced they’d withhold their new album “El Camino” from streaming.

Drummer Patrick Carney escalated the beef yesterday, calling Spotify head Sean Parker “an asshole” and saying, “I honestly don’t want to see Sean Parker succeed in anything.”

Carney went on, “I like to make money. If it was fair to the artist we would be involved in it,” and said he imagines that if Spotify’s subscription model becomes popular enough, iTunes will roll out a rival service that will pay higher royalty fees to artists.

On one hand, it’s hard not to feel for Carney: Musicians just aren’t making the kind of money they were 20 or even 15 years ago. On the other hand, you can’t fight the tide of technology any more than you can turn back time.

An email this morning from music analysis company Musicmetric shows that The Black Keys are the second most pirated artist playing this year’s Coachella, right behind Snoop Dogg. The company analyzed illegal downloads through BitTorrent and found The Black Keys beat out Radiohead as the second most downloaded artist playing one of the US’s biggest music festivals.

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