The Juno Awards 2012: A Family Affair

This post was written by Candace Alper, my wife, and details just how fun The JUNO Awards can be when you get to bring your family.

From YummyMummyClub:

Membership has its privileges, says the Amex marketing campaign. As I write this from the car on our drive home to Toronto from our weekend in Ottawa for the 2012 Juno Awards, I concur. My husband Eric is a veteran member of the music industry and by extension, our 9 year-old daughter Hannah now holds honourary membership.

Music has always been a central part of Hannah’s life. She has attended shows that range from The Wiggles to The Guthrie Family, and Swell Season, The NKOTBSB Reunion Tour, The Indigo Girls, Randy Bachman and Sophie Milman (below). Next week, Bruce Springsteen. She has grown up around music and musicians and is as comfortable in her stadium streets as she is backstage.

Eric is the Director of Media Relations for eOne Music and had 11 Juno nominations this year so we made it a family affair and headed to Ottawa for the weekend to support his artists and celebrate Canadian music.

Here’s the rundown of my impressions and memories from our weekend at the Junos:

It’s not really unlike any other business or industry conference weekend.

We stayed at one of the two official Juno hotels and rode the elevators and hung out in the lobby with the other conference attendees—who happened to be rock stars, managers, journalists and executives. The conversations were the same as they would be at any industry conference that brought together participants from across the country. “When did you get in?” “Where are you going tonight?” “Where are you going for lunch?” “What are you working on?” We had these chance meetings, encounters and conversations with Nickelback (shown below), Hedley, Jully Black (shown below), Ron Sexsmith, Alyssa Reid and Blue Rodeo.

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