It’s hard to lie to police about your name when it’s tattooed on your arm

From The Times-News MagicValley:

TWIN FALLS • It’s hard to lie to police about your name when it’s tattooed on your arm, but a Shoshone man is accused of doing just that.

Dylan Edward Contreras, 19, was arrested for providing false information about his identity after an encounter with Twin Falls police early Saturday morning.

An officer said he was on patrol at about 12:30 a.m. Saturday in the area of Third Avenue West and Gooding Street West when he saw three men and a dog walking in the street. The officer said he told the men to move to the sidewalk.

According to the officer, the man with the dog looked like he might begin to run away. The officer then asked each man to provide identification. One of the men identified himself verbally as Emiliano Velesco, but his provided information did not bring up any matches in a police database. The officer said he noticed a tattoo of the name “CONTRERAS” on the man’s left forearm, so he requested dispatch search that name with the birth date the man had provided. In turn, dispatch provided him information about a possible warrant.

Dispatch personnel then printed a photo of the man and sent it to the officer.

“I showed the photo to Mr. Contreras and he became upset, knowing that he had been identified,” the officer wrote in a police report.

Contreras was arrested on three warrants out of Jerome County, all for failing to appear on charges of providing false information and underage drinking.

A pretrial hearing is scheduled for May 15.