Awkward Family Photos: Easter Edition

From ABC News:

This Easter Bunny is up to his ears in facial hair. (Beth/
What was this Easter Bunny thinking? (Kristie/
How old is too old to be photographed with the Easter Bunny? (Alisa/
Riding Bunnyback: The Easter Bunny is supposed to sit in his chair and not get too attached to the children that sit on his lap, but this one didn't get the memo. (Nicholas/
What would Easter be without matching bunny sweatshirts for the whole family? (Theresa/
After Easter, when the eggs hatch, one special chicken gets to become the Easter Chicken. (Julie/
Who knew eggs grew on bushes? (Judith/
They say there's nothing scarier than a clown, but this Easter Bunny looks like vying for runner up. (Jen/
The Easter Bunny showing his serious side -- babies should know it's not all fun and games. (Darr/
Operation Bunny Ears isn't working out so well for this Easter bunny. (Josh/
Happy Easter? (Heather/