Jack White’s children form their own band

From NME:

Jack White has revealed that his children have followed in his footsteps by forming their own band.

The singer said that his five-year-old daughter Scarlett and four-year-old son Henry have started their own group, called Coke, and tipped them for future success.

He told the New York Times:
They’re little vaudeville kids. They’ve been onstage for school plays and stuff, and they’re not nervous at all.

He went on to add: “You can see in Henry’s eyes that he really watches the creation of things. And Scarlett is very much a producer – she likes to tell how it’s going to happen. We were messing around a couple of weeks ago, and she was like, ‘I’m hearing two pianos…'”

However, he insisted they weren’t named after the fizzy beverage, claiming: “They’ve never had a Coke. I think they just liked the syllable.”

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