Disney, Common Sense Media tackle issue of cyberbullying‏

From the Los Angeles Times:

As the documentary film “Bully” brings heightened attention to harassment in schools, the Walt Disney Co. and a nonprofit advocacy group for children are turning to TV and the Internet to tackle the related issue of cyberbullying.

Common Sense Media and Disney have created a series of public service announcements in which young Disney Channel and Disney XD actors talk about the problem of cyberbullying. The segments, produced as part of Disney’s Friends for Change initiative, began appearing this week on both networks, as well as online.

Nearly one in three children say they have been the target of some form of online harassment, including having their private texts or email messages forwarded without permission, receiving threatening messages or having someone post an embarrassing picture of them online, according to a 2010 Pew Internet & American Life Project report on cyberbullying.
One in four teens say they received harassing voice or text messages on their cellphones, Pew found.

The problem is most prevalent for children in their mid-teens (ages 14 to 17). Technology gives schoolyard taunts a new, more troubling dimension because of the speed, breadth and permanence of the painful remarks, Pew reported.

That’s why Common Sense Media sought out Disney Channel and Disney XD — with its young audience of viewers, ages 6 to 14 — as a platform to confront the issue, as well as its “tween” stars to offer tips for dealing with the problem.

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