Woman quits Facebook “because it makes me feel like a loser.”

Jill Krasny

From Business Insider:

I’m quitting Facebook because it makes me feel like a loser.

I don’t mean reading posts about babies taking first steps and people flaunting their engagement ring makes me feel bad.

I mean that the simple act of logging in, scrolling the news feed and posting about something mundane I did isn’t worth my time.

I’m about to turn thirty, and as such, I’m looking at every decision in my life.

And after weighing the costs and benefits of visiting of Facebook, I’ve realized I get nothing out of it.

The truth of the matter is that Facebook is no substitute for a phone call or dropping by a friend’s apartment to catch up over coffee.

For some people that’s the point—all they want is a glimpse of their friend’s lives. I don’t need that. And I don’t want to read the musings and rants of people that have floated through my life, but aren’t really friends.

Which brings me to the second reason I’m quitting: the pressure to add people I’d rather not let into my life. Whether it’s a parent’s friend or someone I met out, I’d just rather not do it or feel guilty for letting their friend request go ignored. There’s a professional me, an off-work me and neither need to be on full-display, all at once.

The mind-boggling privacy settings and inability to categorize “friends” has also been frustrating. Unlike Google Circles, which featured the ability to lump acquaintances in one group and family in another, achieving the same results on Facebook is a 30 minute endeavor that doesn’t always work. With all the drop-down menus to click through and the confusing “Friends” vs. “Only Me” settings, I abandon the process altogether.

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