Glen Hansard does yardwork, is awesome

“Philander” is Hansard’s first single from his upcoming debut solo album, Rhythm and Repose, due for release June 19th 2012.

For the song’s video, Hansard collaborated with director Conor Masterson, who’s photographed Hansard and the Swell Season previously. Masterson is quoted as saying that he wanted to keep the video simple and leave the meaning up to people’s imaginations:

“One room, one light and no fancy camera moves. Because Glen is such a natural performer we tried to make the set as real as possible so we propped with a mixture of found objects man-made and natural and built it in the corner of a yard of an old house in London that has a rich music hall history.

The shoot itself was very creative and we chiseled away at the shot list often shooting only one take before moving on and discarding anything that felt too fussy. My overall desire was to let the music and the lack of action allow the imagination to breathe.”