Bruce Springsteen is chugging beers on latest tour. Big time.

From Death and Taxes Magazine:

Bruce Springsteen first made news for an epic chug in the audience at a show in a Philadelphia last month. Making his way through the stands and imploring his fans to emotional catharsis, he plopped down in a seat, surrounded by fans. And he did look genuinely pooped—as if he’d exhausted himself trying to give his fans a good show. Someone stuck a half-full beer in front of his face, and without hesitation he chugged the whole thing. As if shot full with mana, he sprang up and continued the show. It was exceptional showmanship—the kind of thing you imagine James Brown would have done. And the fans loved it.

Never one to disappoint, Bruce has now turned the beer-chugging into a regular part of his show. Gothamist reports that he chugged at his Madison Square Garden shows last week and last night. And he’s upped the ante: he’s now chugging two beers back-to-back. Every time he empties the cup and flings it, the fans scream.