How Tumblr plans to monetize: self-promotion and optimized features for brands

From The Next Web:

Back in January, when we spoke to Tumblr founder David Karp, he emphasized the fact that improving content discovery on the blogging platform is a top priority for the team. In an interview today with AdAge, Karp gave a little bit more insight into how Tumblr is going to go about doing that.

Tumblr has been knocking out milestone after milestone, the latest of which puts it at 20 billion posts, with over 50 million hosted blogs. Its most recently added feature integrates the blogging platform into Facebook’s Timeline.

A question that has long been on people’s minds is – what is Tumblr doing about monetization? Starting with a feature that facilitates the selling and buying of themes, Tumblr has since gone on to allow users to purchase ‘highlighted posts’, for one dollar a post.

In the past, Tumblr also made it possible for users to promote themselves in its directories. The Tumblr directory now redirects to its Spotlight page, and the feature, which allowed users to pay a premium and have their blog featured in a highlight area on the page in nowhere to be seen. The fee actually varied depending on the popularity of the category.

Karp told AdAge, “That was one of the most successful revenue-generating features, not only in driving traffic to our blogs but in acting as a filter on our network, and it’s something we want to get back to very soon.”

When promotion in Tumblr’s directories will actually be making a reappearance remains unknown, with Karp saying only that it would not be immediate, and that, while focused on the user, it would also be relevant for brands.

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