Caller: Help, a strange car is following me. Cops: We know, it’s us

Complaint: Strathclyde Police have been ordered to apologise to the man. Pic: © STV

From STV.TV:

A police force has been ordered to apologise to a scared motorist after officers pursued him for seven miles in an unmarked car.

A motorist scared at being followed by a car on the motorway called 999 to be told it was two plain clothed police officers in the car behind him.

Strathclyde Police has been heavily criticised by the Police Complaints Commissioner for Scotland for the way it pursued the man for seven miles in an unmarked car.

In a decision released by the commissioner on Thursday, the man claimed that the unmarked car following him on the motorway last January started flashing its headlights at him.

The report found that the motorist was being pursued by the officers because they thought he was driving dangerously, but he “did not know that the car was a police car”.

In his findings, the commissioner Professor John McNeill found that the unnamed driver became “increasingly concerned at his being followed by a car containing two males and eventually he telephoned 999 whilst driving in order to report the matter”.

He added: “The applicant drove for several minutes until the 999 operator was able to advise him that the car following him was in fact a police car. By the time the applicant stopped his car he had driven for around seven miles of motorway from the point at which he claims to have first become aware of the car being driven behind him.”

The commissioner found that the force had displayed a “poor” handling of three of the four complaints made by the man, who was charged with road traffic offences after pulling into the hard shoulder once the police operator informed him it was an unmarked car pursuing him.