Have you seen this person? Contenders for the world’s weirdest Police Wanted posters

From The Daily Mail:

Featureless faces, green hair and borrowed identities have all been released by police looking for criminals.

Cheltenham seems to be going through a period of criminal behaviour - after police issued e-fits of a gang who look like they could appear in Downton Abbey.

But they are by no means the oddest pictures put out by police as they attempt to track down criminal suspects.

Police in Bolivia were ridiculed in 2009 after releasing an amateurish sketch in a bid to help solve an eight-month-old murder case. But the last laugh was on them as they arrested a suspect.

A burglary victim was unimpressed by this e-fit put out by Norfolk police in 2006.

She said she would ask them to have another go as the image “looked like no one I’ve ever seen in my life”.

Portuguese police issued this notorious ‘egg’ e-fit during the hunt for missing British youngster Madeleine McCann. Simon Russell, 40, told how police brought the faceless image to his internet shop to ask if any customers had been accessing suspicious websites. He said: “Basically I was looking at nothing more than an egg with brown hair and a side parting.” He drew it from memory to give the picture below.

Portugal’s is not the only police force to think facial features are optional. Royal Thai Police sent out this next to useless sketch of a bank robber in 2009.

Laws prevented New Zealand police hunting a teen suspect in connection of a burglary releasing a picture of the 16-year-old lad they wanted to question.

Instead they used a picture of the decades older Cracker star Robbie Coltrane, who they said the suspect resembled.

At least they put a person on the poster. This tragic TV news report is rendered rather less serious by a mugshot mix-up of epic proportions, as a picture of a HAMSTER is shown instead.

This TV news presenter had an altogether different problem with an unfortunate resemblance to a suspected rapist.