Beastie Boys with Joan Rivers, 1987

Before their first U.S. headlining tour in 1987, the Beastie Boys made an appearance on The Late Show starring Joan Rivers.

Rivers introduced the band with: “My next guests have previously been referred to as a bunch of loudmouth brats, kids that stomp around stage like awkward thugs. To me I just like to think of them as my guys.” Though she gets their album name wrong (calling it “License to Kill”), Rivers has a great recovery.

The group, all around 20 years old at the time, performed two tracks: “Fight For Your Right” and “Time To Get Ill,” with a candid interview in between.

What may have been a quick response to Rivers’s question about growing up together now remains one of the most memorable parts of the clip.

“I love these guys and I’ve grown up with them, and I think they’re great and I just love them.” – Adam “MCA” Yauch.