Deadmau5 almo5t 5et5 him5elf and a NY club on fire

From Spinner:

Canadian DJ Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, almost set himself and an entire club on fire Friday night, reports the New York Post. The incident occurred at Meatpacking District club Provocateur where the progressive house superstar had erected his trademark gigantic 7-foot mouse head to commemorate his set.

The incendiary event happened while Zimmerman was premiering a new song entitled “The Veldt.” During the song he lit an air horn, igniting a huge spark which almost engulfed a celebrity filled crowd — including model Hillary Rhoda and singer Ciara — in the blaze. Outside, there were almost 200 people waiting to enter the hotspot.

“Omg I actually lived through that … Nearly blew up myself and a Buncha people in the booth. Pyros a [bleep],” he tweeted. At least the DJ lived up to the name of the club he was playing at!