The world’s hottest digital markets: a clickable music map

From Paid Content:

Record labels’ new-found enthusiasm for ending their iTunes dependence has created an opportunity for new digital music services.

I picture the market like a game of Risk. Every week, the likes of Spotify, Rdio and Deezer are racing in to new countries with a new model — unlimited subscription access to millions of songs.

But, as the services embark on this VC-funded globalisation, which are the world’s most competitive, most lucrative and most digital music markets?

In China, digital music sales are a high proportion of the total (73 percent) because CD piracy is rife, unmonetised, in Asia.

The UK is the world’s most competitive market, with 73 licensed digital services operating.

Some Latin American countries have few music services, making iTunes Store, which recently rolled out there, influential.

CDs still sell well in Germany and France, thanks partly to high sales of classical music.

In the U.S. now, a majority of trade revenue from recorded music comes from digital – a globe-topping $2.2 billion.

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