File-sharing of Beastie Boys’ albums soars 300% since MCA’s death

Torrent data from music analytics company, Musicmetric, shows how file-sharing of Beastie Boys albums has rocketed since the sad news of Adam Yauch’s death on Friday May 4th.

The data shows how file-sharing has increased by 300% since Friday with the biggest spike in downloads occurring the day after Yauch’s death on Saturday May 5th.

Licence to Ill, the Beastie Boys’ album released in 1983, is the most popular among file-sharers. The top city for torrents is their hometown of New York with Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia and Toronto making up the top five.

Similar spikes were seen across social networks with regards to numbers of online fans added per day (which increased by 700%) and total online plays (which increased by 2000%) as shown in the graphs below.

These figures correspond with sales figures released last week by Billboard putting License To Ill back into the Billboard 200 alongside Paul’s Boutique, Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, Ill Communication, Check Your Head and Beastie Boys Anthology: The Sounds of Science.

Source: Altsounds