Guess where 4000 hours of Carson’s Tonight Show tapes are immaculately stored.

From The New York Post:

Somewhere in Hutchinson, Kan., 45 stories underground, there is a giant salt mine with walls that are 400-feet thick. Carved into that block is a warehouse that stores just one commodity: video tape. Here, 4,000 hours of Johnny Carson’s “The Tonight Show” are kept in pristine solitude.

If the world comes to an end on Dec. 21, at least one thing will remain: 30 years worth of Carson and his guests.

But that’s not so bad, considering that every person who made an impact on the United States of America from 1962-1992 is represented.

Tonight, PBS’ “American Masters” celebrates the 50th anniversary of Johnny Carson taking over “The Tonight Show” (also the 20th anniversary of Carson’s retirement), with a fantastic documentary, narrated by Kevin Spacey, called “Johnny Carson: King of Late Night.”

Back then, 20 million viewers nightly came to expect not just comedians and singers but the greatest authors, intellectuals, politicians, satirists, columnists and you-name-it of the 20th century. Somehow, every one of them kept every one of those millions of viewers enthralled, occasionally appalled and always amused.

With 45 frank interviews and hundreds of clips of both the show and home movies, documentary filmmaker Peter Jones brings Carson back to life, But as fantastic and funny as those clips still are all these years later, it’s the dark side of Carson that is exposed here

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