Your definitive list of Gotye covers


Gotye! You may know him from his work with the Australian pop-rockers the Basics. Much more likely, you know him from his mega-hit “Somebody That I Used to Know,” featuring Kimbra. And it seems a day can’t turn over until someone has uploaded a cover of the song to YouTube.

One of the first to cover the song – which itself covers a bit of an obscure 1950s jazz number – was Burlington, Ontario’s Walk Off the Earth. The band posted their cover to YouTube and it quickly went viral, landing the band a spot on Ellen and a record contract. It even outsold Gotye’s original version of the song on iTunes for a few weeks. And today, a press release from the band hit my inbox proclaiming that the cover of the song has now hit 100 million views on YouTube.

Couple that with the waterfall of other covers that keep hitting our collective Facebook walls, and we here at CBC Music decided it was time to create a resource to help you keep track of all your Gotye cover needs.

Below then is our roundup of the most interesting or irritating (we’ll let you categorize them for yourself) Gotye covers (so far).

Netherlands Radio Choir:

Eskimo Joe in duet with a very old computer:

Ivy and Gold:

Matthias Harris, acapella:

Darrell N Joe do an official cover of the official cover (“Nobody can play a whole guitar by themselves!”):

Coheed and Cambria:

Ingrid Michaelson and Army of 3:

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