Billy Ray Cyrus is related to Britney Spears. Of course.

Today’s genealogy corner is devoted to Billy Ray Cyrus who just happens to be related to Britney Spears in a very round-a-bout way.

Britney Spears→ James Spears (her father)→ Emma Jean (Forbes) Spears (his mother)→ Lexie May (Thompson) Forbes (her mother)→ Bertha Thompson Magee (her mother)→Laura Magee (her mother)→ William Dunaway (her father) → Arminia Dunaway (his mother)→ Aaron Beard (her father)→Mary (Blackstock) (his mother)→ Mary Blackstock (her mother)→ William Irwin (her father)→ Robert Irwin (his father)→ David Irvine (his father)→ Robert Irvine (his father)→ 10th Laird of Drum Alexander Irvine (his father)→ “9th Laird of Drum” Alexander Irvine, 9th Laird of Drum (his father)→ Lady Elizabeth Irvine (his mother)→ Mary Keith (her sister)→ John Campbell, Sir, of Cawdor (her son)→ Colin Campbell, Sir (his son)→ Margaret Campbell (his daughter)→ Susan Campbell (her daughter)→ Lady Mary Margaret Woods (Campbell) (her daughter)→ Archibald Woods (her son)→ Andrew Woods (his son)→ M. Skaggs (his daughter)→ * Rebecca Hay (Skaggs) (her daughter)→ Martin Alexander Hay (her son)→ Verlina Adeline Cyrus (Hay) (his daughter)→ Ronald Ray Cyrus (her son)→ Billy Ray Cyrus (his son)

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