What has 27 million U.S. visitors each month and seems to get less attention in the music business than many music blogs?

From Billboard:

What has 27 million U.S. visitors each month and seems to get less attention in the music business than many music blogs? Yahoo! Music.

Yahoo! Music did get some attention recently when it lost some executives, including John Lenac, head of label relations and programming. But Ken Fuchs, the vice president who oversees sports, entertainment, music and other verticals at Yahoo!, tells Billboard.biz the internal changes won’t have an impact on Yahoo Music!.

“It certainly doesn’t affect our mission and our ability to continue to build on creating a great voice on breaking news and original programs,” Fuchs says, adding that Yahoo is “ramping up in video programming” such as interviews, video series, live and on-demand concerts.

Yahoo! had 171 million unique visitors from the U.S. in April, according to comScore. That footprint helps bring in lots of music lovers, says Fuchs, “We’re able to drive traffic around big events, the water-cooler events that create conversation and create context for that conversation. It could be a big concert. It could be breaking news.”

Major artists are a major draw. Whitney Houston had 20 million people interact with content around her death, and the live stream of her funeral drew three million viewers and was top 10 live streaming event in Yahoo’s history, says Fuchs. Last fall’s C linton Foundation Concert featuring Lady Gaga, Bono and Usher, among others, had over one million live streams and has since amassed over 20 million video streams and 13 million people interacting with the content.

The big footprint naturally draws in big brands, from Nissan to Unilever. Yahoo! Music’s Ram Country is an ongoing section dedicated to country music and sponsored by Ram Trucks. Ram Country has exclusive videos and pictures from a slew of country artists. The newest participant in Ram Country is Rascal Flatts, whose May 26 performance for fans at the Grand Ole Opry will be streamed at Yahoo! Music on June 13.

The footprint can help developing artists, too. Fuchs says Yahoo! Music has always put music discovery at the core of its mission. “We try to do it in a fairly intimate way, through strong editorial, access to artists and, more and more, original programming and live performances that create a very unique canvas to perform and interact with their fan bases.”