Never, ever, ever heckle Greg Dulli. This will happen to you.

From The Phoenix:

Midway through the first full show of the long-awaited return of THE AFGHAN WHIGS at New York City’s Bowery Ballroom last week, frontman extraordinaire Greg Dulli began to give a brief (but adoring) thanks to Sub Pop records co-founder Jonathan Poneman and current VP Megan Jasper for taking a chance on the band “500 years ago.” A more than likely inebriated man in attendance suddenly had a bout of poor judgment and decided to interrupt.

“Dude…you done? Can I tell my story?” Dulli asked. “You know I will fuck you up -– without laying a hand on you. I’m trying to tell a story, I have it all set up and then, ‘blah, blah, blah.’ So we’re cool now? Shutting the fuck up? Put on that hat, the shutting-the-fuck-up hat.”

After getting through another minute or so of his interrupted thanks, the same guy had the audacity to bark out, “Play it asshole.” It was an epically bad idea.

“Did you call me an asshole motherfucker -– who the fuck are you?” Dulli asked incredulously. “What –- am I not moving along fast enough for you?” The singer then talked about reaching up the guy’s backside, promising to, “Pull out your entrails, wrap them your neck, hang you from that fucking balcony.”

Ah yes, after 13 years, the Whigs are back.

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