Young Empires release Facebook Connect’s first interactive music video

From Yahoo:

Ever wanted to star in a music video? With a little help from a Toronto band named Young Empires, now you can!

By getting the user involved through the use of their Facebook pictures, Young Empires have found a way, with the help of Facebook Connect, to incorporate their fans into their latest music video, “White Doves.”

When you visit “WHITEDOVES.ME,” a window opens asking you to connect to the video through your Facebook account and asks for your permission to access your photos and basic information. It then requires you to name your closest friend and then spits out a video featuring your photos burning, flying around railroad tracks, and finally, posted on a bulletin board. There’s even a surprise appearance of the user’s name in an unsuspecting place.

This cool and creative use of technology comes courtesy of directors Miles Jay and Derek Blais, who have been responding to fans since the video’s release and thanking them for their support and love for the project. In addition, the song “White Doves” comes from Young Empires’ debut EP, “Wake All My Youth,” and received an epic performance on George Strombolopolous’ “Tonight” last February.

Check out the non-interactive version of “White Doves” featured below and head here for your own interactive music video debut. You can also learn more about Young Empires and their upcoming Canadian gigs by heading here.

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