Jostens misspells ‘education’ on diplomas — for two years straight

From KSDK:

When it finally comes time for a senior to walk across the stage and receive that diploma, there’s something special about that moment. It’s the culmination of hard work over the past four years. What if that diploma had one of the key words misspelled?

“We know that this is a very significant milestone in their lives and so we want to make sure, it’s right,” said Joe Ferdani, director of communications for the Adams 12 Five Star School District.

About 400 seniors graduated from Horizon High School on May 15th. Ferdani says earlier this week, a student went back to the school to show administrators that the word “education” was spelled wrong. It is spelled as “eduation” on the diploma with the letter “c” missing.

“We certainly don’t want any of the words to be misspelled. It’s unfortunate that it’s actually that word that got misspelled,” said Ferdani. “The good news here is this is something that’s fixable.”

The Jostens Company based out of Minnesota is responsible for printing the diplomas. Rich Stobe is the director of communications for Jostens. Stobe says his staff realized that not only are this year’s diplomas wrong, but last year’s diplomas have the same mistake, too.

“We are sorry the error occurred. We are working closely with the school. It was human error on our part,” said Stobe.

Jostens is reprinting diplomas for the Class of 2011 and the Class of 2012. The school district is working on getting new diplomas to all the graduates involved. Ferdani says district officials have now checked the diplomas for all the schools in the Adams 12 district and only Horizon’s were incorrect.

Ferdani says when the diplomas come in, staff members usually only check to see if students’ names are spelled wrong, not the text of the diploma itself.

“We apologize to the school and are doing everything we can to quickly replace the diplomas that are incorrect,” said Stobe.