14 Google Products That Are Also Metal Bands

From Buzzfeed:

1. Chrome

As a bonus, their greatest hits album is titled Chrome Box.

2. Earth

Pioneers of both drone-doom and geospatial topography.

3. Droid

Technically it’s Motorola, but close enough.

4. Zeitgeist

Google’s annual trend report has inspired at least four metal bands, including this one from Austria.

5. Nexus

One of Google’s least successful products is also one of its least satisfying metal bands.

6. Latitude

A Foursquare-style mobile app and the sludge metal quintet behind 2009’s Agonist.

7. Drive

An early-90s hair metal band, of course.

8. Aardvark

Google’s defunct social search platform lives on in this German thrash metal outfit. Lyrical themes are listed as “personal” and “hate.”

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