Secret Broadcast Turns to Telephone for Fan Connection

The Toronto-based band Secret Broadcast is taking social networking to another level, with plans to make a phone call to every fan who buys the band’s latest EP.

The band has posted a video announcement online, with instructions on how to receive a call from one of the members of the band.

The band (it’s a surprise as to which band member: vocalist and guitarist Matt Lightstone, drummer Keith Heppler, or bassist Jeffrey Lewis will be calling) is set to call every single person that buys a physical copy of their new EP, Hungry Ghost, to thank them.

Signed to Canadian leading independent record label and distribution company eOne Music Canada, Eric Alper, Director of Media Relations and Label Acquisitions, confirmed for Mediacaster Magazine that, yes, “The phone calls will all be live, and in-person, nothing taped (I’d hate that!).”

Originally based in Calgary, Secret Broadcast is described as a pop/rock band that delivers ‘extremely hummable songs reminiscent of those big, big 70s and 90s singles, the ones that loaded themselves in the Top 10 for years.’

Only a year after forming, the band was invited to play at Toronto and Calgary’s Virgin Festivals in 2008, the main stage at Virgin Festival Calgary 2009, and have showcased at CMJ, NXNE, CMW, JunoFest, and New Music West.

In 2009, Secret Broadcast recorded the debut LP, Exploding Spiders, with Juno Award winning producer Laurence Currie (Sloan, Wintersleep, Holy F*ck) and went on a cross-Canada tour. The album, which was released independently, quickly climbed the Canadian college and commercial radio charts.

It peaked at #40 on the monthly college radio charts, while the first single, Out Of Control, reached #60 on the Canadian Alt/Rock charts.

Secret Broadcast fans in Canada need to do is buy a physical copy of the new EP, available in stores now, and send an email with a phone number to the email address underneath the CD.

The band will take care of the rest, and even pick up the long-distance charges.

Alper added that some 5,000 EPs have been manufactured, with some 1,200 sold so far in the first three weeks of availability.

“They’ve just announced this (promotion),” he noted, “and so far have about 40 emails sent in already – pretty good, considering those people just emailed with no knowledge of what was going to happen.”
Alper says RT’s or shout-outs on Twitter or Facebook are the new autograph.

“Fans are looking for a few seconds or minutes of the band’s time to be acknowledged, and the ability to wish someone a ‘Happy Birthday’, or a ‘Good Luck on your Math Test’ means more to this current generation of social media addicts and fans than an autograph,” he said.

Lightstone said it was a quite time-consuming, but happily doable idea.

“Our fans are really important to us and we want to do everything we can to connect with them. This seems like a natural, fun way of accomplishing that goal.”

Secret Broadcast is also giving away its first single, Raygun, and streaming the entire album on Soundcloud: