The Muppets on music: ‘Moi simply can’t sit still when Moi hears dubstep’

From The Telegraph:

Over the years I’ve been privileged to interview some of the most interesting stars of the music world: Tori Amos, Graham Coxon, Brian Harvey from East 17… But talking with the subjects of this blog excited me almost more than anyone else, perhaps because they tapped into one of my childhood obsessions. The Muppets, you may remember, won the Oscar for Best Song at the 84th Academy Awards in February. From The Muppets film soundtrack, the song was written by Bret McKenzie of Flight of the Conchords fame and sung by the characters of Walter and Gary. It’s a classic – and deserves to stand next to previous Oscar song winners Colours of The Wind (Pocahontas), When You Wish Upon A Star (Pinocchio) and Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid).

Anyway I caught up with the gang about the win, their musical memories and what they think about modern music in 2012.

How did you celebrate winning the Oscar for Best Original Song?
KERMIT: We all congratulated Bret McKenzie who won the Oscar for writing “Man or Muppet”.
GONZO: And then one of us asked to hold Bret’s Oscar…..
FOZZIE BEAR: And never gave it back.
MISS PIGGY: What!? Why is everyone looking at Moi? He’ll get it back…eventually.
WALTER: We’re sorry, Bret, but it’s really tough breaking Miss Piggy’s grip.

What was the best thing about meeting Bret McKenzie? Did you hang out together? What does the song Man or Muppet mean to you?
MISS PIGGY: I adore Bret and it was a pleasure meeting him, although it was a very brief meeting.
KERMIT: That’s because you ran after you got hold of the Oscar.
MISS PIGGY: I was just trying to see if it’s aerodynamically sound.
WALTER: Is it?
MISS PIGGY: I’m still running tests.
KERMIT: You asked about what “Man Or Muppet” means to us…
MISS PIGGY: No I didn’t.
KERMIT: I’m talking to the interviewer, not you, Piggy.
MISS PIGGY: I knew that.
KERMIT: To me, it means that everyone needs to decide who they are and then pursue their dream with their whole heart.
WALTER: What Kermit said.

Kermit and Miss Piggy, you presented an Oscar earlier this year. What was that like and who was the star you were most looking forward to meeting?
KERMIT: It was fantastic! The Academy Awards are Hollywood’s big night. I was thrilled just to be there with all those big stars.
MISS PIGGY: They sat us in the balcony….THE BALCONY!!!!
KERMIT: That was just to keep you from rushing the stage.
MISS PIGGY: Who told them I was going to rush the stage?
KERMIT: You did.
MISS PIGGY: Oh….Well, next year I’ll be more discreet.
KERMIT: Right. As for stars, I was most excited to meet Tom Hanks. A lot of people think I should play him if they make a movie of his life…and vice versa.
MISS PIGGY: Moi was most thrilled to meet Brad Pitt, even though Angelina kept cutting between us. Some women can get soooo jealous.
KERMIT: Don’t I know it.

Do you like dubstep?
KERMIT: I’m more of a hip hop frog, but I do like dubstep.
MISS PIGGY: Moi simply can’t sit still when Moi hears dubstep. The bass is so powerful and the whole effect is so mesmerising and overwhelming! If I were a kind of music, I’d be dubstep.
FOZZIE: Dubstep? Is that anything like Ahenway?
WALTER: What’s Ahenway?
FOZZIE: Oh about 8 lbs! Get it Ahenway? A hen weigh? Wocka Wocka!
WALTER: Good one!

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