MySpace Relaunch Will Revive Company’s Status in Online Music

From Billboard:

MySpace has some big plans in store for its forthcoming relaunch. Multiple sources have told they have been very impressed with the new MySpace platform and say the company wants once again to be music fans’ favored place on the Web to discover new music.

According to those sources, MySpace wants to provide independent artists with a media-rich page that will connect them with their fans and help them build a meaningful career. That would put MySpace in the same land rush as companies such as MTV — which will soon launch its own artist-focused pages at artists.mtv — and BandPage, which provides tools to create a one-stop shop at Facebook. The new-and-improved MySpace is expected to launch in late 2012 or early 2013, according to one source.

MySpace has already announced a music competition series that may help the company retake its role as a vital platform for artist discovery. “Take the Stage” was created in partnership with online talent network and will online viewers vote on the winner of the 18-week competition. As manager Johnny Wright told earlier this week, “It’s going back to up and coming musicians and giving them a platform to take them all the way to the top 10 that we have on our charts right now.”

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