Scott Rodger Interview: Manager of Paul McCartney and Arcade Fire

0:00 Welcome everyone, my guest today is Scott Rodger, manager of a whole host of amazing artists like Paul McCartney, Arcade Fire and many others.
1:00 Scott explains how he got his start managing Bjork.
6:00 Scott explains why he decided not to make a licensing deal.
13:00 Why Arcade Fire was the only band who played at the Grammys that paid their own way.
14:45 Thank you to Sonos for supporting the show.
20:00 Scott shares how he came to work with Paul McCartney.
24:00 Scott’s philosophy on how he coordinates a team for everything going on with Paul.
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38:00 What would you expect if someone comes to you with a new band that they’re trying to break?
44:45 Scott details his involvement with the XFactor UK.
51:30 Thank you to everyone for watching today. Go to to check out all of our other episodes.