Blur Shows How You Release Music on Twitter with First Live Shows


Yes, Twitter is a ridiculously-constrained communications medium — a holdover from the dumb-phone days when text could only be sent from phone to phone in 140-character chunks. And yet, we love it, perhaps due to these constraints. Everywhere else, we’re drowning in words, images, video, and so on, while Twitter remains the same dirt-simple protocol.

As such, Twitter doesn’t make for a natural music platform the way, say, YouTube or Spotify does. But it does have two things going for it: immediacy and scale. Everybody seems to be on it at least once.

The seminal ’90s britpop band Blur, which has reformed and appears to have learned a thing or two from frontman Damon Albarn’s experiments with technology in his Gorillaz project as well as his iPad album and instrument app.

Next Monday, July 2, Blur will become “the first” band to play a live show on Twitter. By that, the band means that it will commandeer a rooftop a la the Beatles at a secret location within London, and tweet links on @blurofficial so that people can watch them play two new songs in real-time, also commenting on the experience also within Twitter.

This will happen at precisely 6:15pm BST, in the case of the first track, which will be accompanied by an exclusive band interview. They’ll play the second track at 7:15pm BST. In the United States, that means the first track will appear at 1:15pm ET, the second at 2:15pm ET.

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