Jack White: ‘There’s no romance in singing about an iPod’

From NME:

Jack White has spoken about his issues with digital format music and his love of vinyl records.

Speaking in a video interview with the BBC, the former frontman of The White Stripes said that he enjoys the ‘romance’ of vinyl, adding that ‘invisible’ digital music “makes you feel like some other being is in charge”.

White, whose Third Man Records label uses a vinyl plant local to its base in Nashville to press their records, said: “The whole experience of vinyl is what we’re after, the romance of it… The smell of vinyl, the smell of a newly opened record. If we don’t see something moving, we lose romance. There’s no romance for me to sing to you about an iPod.”

He continued: “But why? Because nothing’s moving. I think digital and invisible things, they make you feel like some other being is in charge of this somewhere else, ‘I’m just a witness to this and I’ll just sit here politely’.”

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