Hannah Alper: My Amazing Trip to the Digital Family Summit

Even in normal circumstances, a social media conference would be an event, given the impact Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and others have made in just in the last few years. Being able to bring your family to a conference and teaching your child not only to survive – but thrive – in the digital era? Now that’s one worth talking even more about. Go to the event and have your 9-year-old inspired by the speakers, other kids, and organizers? Well, then, we’ll always talk about the DFM in terms of love as much as admiration. And that’s exactly the impact this conference had on us. DD couldn’t wait to get into the car and start the 9 hour drive home so she can write her first blog. Count us in for many years to come, and congratulations to everyone involved – you really changed lives this weekend.

By Hannah Alper, Call Me Hannah26 blog:

I’m in the car from Philadelphia and writing this post. For 3 days I participated in the Digital Family Summit. It was my first and probably best conference I’ve ever been to. I will tell you why this conference was so thrilling for me!

There were workshops and I went to two of them. One of them was called ‘digital photography workshop’. I really liked this workshop because I like photography a lot and I wanted to learn about taking better photos with my iPod Touch. That inspired me because I always thought that I take bad photos and I actually take good photos. There was an activity and we had to do it in partners, we had to take pictures of our partners, we had to take a picture of something digital, something family, and a summit. I was really proud when I saw my photos and my friends photos on the slideshow at the end of the conference! Special thanks to the photography teacher Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo and my partner Clarrisa and I loved meeting my new friend Robin.

I was really looking forward to having a blog and at the WordPress workshop I got m chance! I set up a blog at this amazing workshop led by Tracy Levesque. They had computers for us to use and everything and right now I’m posting on that blog. It turned out magnificent! Don’t you think? Special thanks to Tracy the workshop leader and somebody helped me a lot! Thanks to Tori and her mom for helping me! Tori even wrote a blog post on her blog, My Utoria, about me!

There was one session with teen entrepreneurs who shared their successful stories and they inspired me so much. There I met Tori! Tori’s story inspired me because Tori’s mom helped and supported Tori a lot with her business, MyUtoria. Tori is 15 years old and has Cerebral Palsy which means that her muscles don’t work properly and it’s hard for her to be a ‘regular’ teenager. She helps young women to become entrepreneurs and start their own business. Tori also founded She Can Make A Change – an organization to help young women make positive changes in their own lives and their environment. I am so proud to call Tori my new friend.

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