Hardcore mojo: Die Mannequin are ‘back in black’ with Danceland

From The National Post:

It can’t be 100% proven, but it’s a safe bet that Care Failure, singer of Die Mannequin, is the only musician to write with hit-maker Linda Perry, who also regularly performs on broken glass. Failure, 26, born Caroline Kawa, has thus far survived her extreme, tetanus-tempting punk rock lifestyle, but says it’s her experiences in the music business that have taught her about the real dark side of rock.

“We’ve had a bad manager, bad label, everything, and even though we had a couple of Juno nominations and a movie, it might’ve looked good on paper, but it was brutal behind the scenes,” says Failure, whose arms are illuminated with tattoo icons of her favourite bands, including The Pixies and Sonic Youth.

“I was so sick of dealing with the greed that I was about to tie chains and cement blocks around my ankle and walk into Lake Ontario, but even though it hurt so bad, we’re not going anywhere. We’re back in black.”

Danceland is just the first salvo in the return of Die Mannequin. The group released their first record, Fino + Bleed, in 2009, but Failure has long been a fixture in Toronto’s hard rock scene. In 2006, she toured with Guns N’ Roses and she’s made records with members of Billy Talent and Death From Above 1979. She was 16 years old when she signed her first record deal, and the Royal Conservatory of Music graduate starred in Bruce McDonald’s Hard Core Logo 2 in 2010. Through it all, the band was never able to find traction, and though they were nominated for new group of the year Juno in 2011, Die Mannequin had no label at the start of this year.

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