Music Video Recreates Waveform Using 960 Vinyl Records

From Twisted Sifter:

Christopher Barrett and Luke Taylor of Us, a multi-disciplinary design & direction studio, created this awesome music video for Benga’s latest single, I Will Never Change.

The video recreates the actual wavelength for the song using 960 individually cut pieces of vinyl. Check out Christopher and Luke’s description of the creative process that led to this video:

When we were asked to pitch on the promo they sent us the track as a ‘Soundcloud‘ link, we usually get it sent as an MP3. For the first time we were not just listening to the track we were also watching it. There was something mesmerising about this in its simplicity.

This ignited the idea to create a real life three dimensional waveform. We started to think about the fact that a vast amount of our music is consumed online and has lost a sense of physicality this lead us to the idea of using vinyl records. We also loved the way it related to Benga as an artist who’s background comes from using records as a DJ or producer.

The maths worked we would need 960 records to create 1 minute and 20 seconds worth of wave form. Each one had to be individually cut to a specific size, hand labeled, hand numbered and then finally polished. This prep took 7 full working days and then the animation process took around 30 hours.

Check out the video below along with behind the scene shots of the making of this video.

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