Occupy Wall Street in twitter retreat

From The New York Post:

Once you tweet, there’s no retreat.

A Manhattan judge has ordered Twitter to turn over three months of postings by an Occupy Wall Street protester arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge in October.

Protester Malcolm Harris had no expectation of privacy when he tweeted about his OWS exploits — even though he deleted them, Criminal Court Judge Matthew A. Sciarrino Jr. wrote in his decision released yesterday.

“There can be no reasonable expectation of privacy in a tweet sent around the world,” Sciarrino wrote.

“If you post a tweet, just like if you scream it out the window, there is no reasonable expectation of privacy,” he wrote.

“This is not the same as a private e-mail, a private direct message, a private chat, or any of the other readily available ways to have a private conversation via the Internet that now exist,” he wrote.

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