CBGB And The Old Bowery Live On… In Savannah, Georgia

From The Village Voice:

Last week was the start of the CBGB Festival, a series of shows, panel discussions, and movie screenings that will stretch on into the weekend. The festival just so happens to coincided with the filming of a movie about the storied Bowery rock haven starring Alan Rickman as CBGB impresario Hilly Kristal; the East Village of yore is being recreated not in New York (not even in a Long Island City soundstage!), but in Savannah, Georgia. They had photographer Dylan Wilson take some shots of the set to see if the spirit of the once-grungy strip can be recreated in The Peach State.

Alan Rickman, center, as CBGB owner Hilly Kristal, and Ashley Greene, left, shoot a scene for the film CBGB on Congress Street in Savannah, Georgia.
A checker cab sits on the street in front of CBGB for filming in Savannah, Georgia.