Infographic: What Next-Gen Shoppers Really Want

From L1:

Increasingly, shoppers expect mobile information to connect the shopping they do from their mobile devices to their in-store endeavors, enhancing, personalizing, and streamlining the entire process. A recent survey found that retailers are coming to realize the need to marry remote and in-store shopping, primarily by “tech-ing up.” According to the study, three in four US retailers agree that “developing a more engaging in-store customer experience is going to be critical to their business in the next 5 years.”

As part of one of our current studies on the future of next-gen shopping we conducted an idea generation activity using the image tagging tool, ThingLink, to explore how people expect and desire mobile information to enhance their shopping experiences and to help them discover new things. Latitude was able distill participants’ “future requests” down into four need state categories, which can be satisfied by four corresponding mobile “team members” (personified mobile apps or features) that could address shoppers’ needs at various times.