5 Signs Your Date is Cheap

From Food and Wine:

Nothing spells romance like a date who doesn’t leave a tip for the waiter or forgets his wallet at home. Patti Stanger, a third-generation matchmaker and the dating guru behind Bravo’s reality TV series The Millionaire Matchmaker alerts Food & Wine to five more indications that a potential love interest is a cheapskate.

1. Going out for coffee. “The rule is that coffee is very non-personal,” says Stanger. “If someone asks you out for coffee they’re usually cheap. Lunch is an interview and drinks are an audition, as if you’re auditioning for a part in a movie. Dinner is romance.”

2. There’s a Groupon involved. “That’s like the early bird special in Florida with my parents. That’s really bad and totally cheap. If he uses a Val-Pak you’re in trouble. Or if he knows where the 2-for-1 specials are all over town. Mmm hmm.”

3. “Let’s split something.” Sharing an appetizer or dessert can be an intimate part of the experience, but splitting a main course is a red flag according to Stanger.

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