‘Love hotel’ for pets to open in Brazil

From The Telegraph:

Brazil is to open a “love hotel” for pets. The country is home to a 32-million-strong canine population, the world’s second largest after the United States.

Fabiano Lourdes and his sister Daniela plan this week to inaugurate “Animalle Mundo Pet,” an eight-storey building with an entire floor devoted to dog tryst in the southeastern city of Belo Horizonte, according to reports.

Dog owners will have to pay $50 (£32) a day for a room, which comes complete with a heart-shaped mirror on the ceiling, red cushions on the floor and dimmed lighting.

The brother and sister told Valor they have invested $1 million in the venture, which has 60 employees, including veterinarians and biologists and will sell luxury accessories such as $1,000 Swarovski crystal dog collars.