What’s Driving Facebook’s Olympics Deal With NBC? A Battle With Twitter For TV Presence

From Techcrunch:

acebook and NBC are expected to announce a partnership today for the London Olympic Games. In short, Facebook users will be reminded to watch NBC’s coverage and NBC viewers will be reminded to join the conversation on Facebook.

Let’s get the facts out of the way quickly so we can get down to the more interesting implications, like what it means for Facebook’s future monetization, rivalry with Twitter and more. As reported by The New York Times:

* Facebook and NBC have said that no money is changing hands in this deal.
* The NBC Olympics page on Facebook will be frequently updated with exclusive content for fans who have liked the page. Users will be able to let Facebook friends know when they watch videos and read articles on NBC’s web site.
* NBC’s daily prime-time broadcast will promote a daily Olympics poll on Facebook. NBC will also be featuring a “Talk Meter” on some segments, attempting to highlight and summarize Facebook data on user conversations. “NBC is going to turn that data into stories,” Mr. Mitchell said in the NYT story.

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