Twitter just introduced an ‘age gate’ to deter kids from following adult brands. Here’s how it works.

From The Next Web:

Twitter and Buddy Media have just announced a partnership which will screen the ages of users who try to follow ‘adult’ brands on Twitter that implement a new ‘age-gate’ system. The system was generated as a service that marketers and brands can use on Twitter to ensure that they’re not peddling their wares to illegally young users.

The brands themselves will have to implement the new age-gate, so it wont work out of the box for every adult brand automatically.

The new age-gate system has been beta tested with alcohol brands like Skinny Girl, Coors, Miller and Jack Daniels. Today, Buddy Media and Twitter are making it available to any marketers. Previously, these brands would have had to cobble together their own solutions to make a presence on Twitter work for them. Some of them settled on a profile message that just said “By following you confirm you’re of legal drinking age,” like Jim Beam’s Skinny Girl.

Now, they get a streamlined solution that works right within Twitter’s on frameworks to verify the validity of a follower before they pass go.

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